Love never forgets.

“We remember their love when they can’t remember” – Unknown 

This was the quote I read on the big dry erase board in the hall as I walked back to grandmom’s room at the nursing home. Alzheimer’s is a disease we never had any hope that she would recover from. Ten years ago I was just learning what it all meant, grandmom would start the years by forgetting little things like where she left her watch, to eventually forgetting our names,  to yesturday, the worst I have seen her on oxygen and unresponsive. She would say that her suffering at the end was Gods big plan, and sometimes we don’t always know the why, but we have to keep our faith strong through the struggles, especially through the struggles.

We will remember her love and how much of it she had for her seven children, of whom she was so very proud, her beloved husband, grandpop with her through it all, 60 great years that all started with grandpop asking her to skate. She loved God with her whole being and was always an example and a blessing to me. At the end she may not have known if my name were Cindy, Cheryl, Ann or Erin but she always recognized my smile by the look of clarity she had for those moments. I’ll never forget all the time we shared, bartering with me for cigarettes and scotch, the time I gave in to both one day when I snuck you off to my house and we talked about how beautiful life was, cigar in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other at 12 in the after noon. I got us in so much trouble later when I had to take you home. I’ll never forget that. Every hug you gave me came along with very important advice. I’ll miss that most. 


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