I can’t stop thinking about how to drive deeper into writing, it’s a constant stuggle to want to and to deal with writers block. At work I’m seeing a trend lately between two groups of people, the ones who come in tell me what they want, sit down, and get on their phone never to be heard from again, and the ones who tell me their whole life story as I try and keep them still. The latter type will receive a text message and politely ask if I mind if they pull their phone out to check it, always just in case it could be an emergency, at this I am basically speechless until I can get out the words to say, yes no problem. What I really want to say is how polite they are and they can do whatever the fuck they want, it’s their time. By the time my last client was finished getting her hair dryed and left Saturday night I was in just as much of a shock and loss for words when she got up, phone in hand; head firmly directed in the “usual” 90 degree angle of cell phone hypnosis, and walked to the front desk to pay, without saying a word or looking up at me. When she was gone I was left feeling like a machine. 

I saw my whole life in the thought that this is what we have become and I might as well say we if I don’t do something to change it; the lost art of connecting, talking, seeing.. I feel it slipping even further away with every passing day, dying from the sufication of glorified beauty bread by insecurity and the self. 

In reality all of us are connected to eachother and all things, spiritually. Lift one up, lift everyone and everything up.


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