God made me human, gross.

You could have made me a flower, or a pretty kitty cat, but instead you made me human. What the fuck was that?

You gave me a body that I have to keep fed, you gave me a wild heart that I have to keep well read, why couldn’t you have just made me a stone instead?

I’m a human and I’m a sinner, I try to be like You but I couldn’t even make it one day without fucking that up too.

I came with a conscience, that much is true and you gave me a soul, for that I thank You. 

But having this body is such a pain, it just wants too many things. Sex, drugs, and to loose control. You gave me instincts to survive and the abiliy to think I am in control. My body makes me a seeker of pleasure and experience pain, this body is grounding, in so many ways.

Take away my flesh and my bones, and just let me take the easy way home.

Help me understand Your ways and Your mysterious challenge.


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