The Art of…

A quick google search brings up many suggestions for this particular title.

The Art of War

The Art of the Deal

The Art of Seduction

The Art of Making Love

The Art of Parenting





Medieval Recycling

Ivanka Trump

Yes Google went there.

so why the title, the meaning behind it?

…the art of anything is something that has been mastered, put into practice, and is made…well artful.

Art is not just simply a drawing or a painting or a photograph. 

Art is you, it’s me, it can be anything…to the right eye.

Helen Keller once said, quoting from a bumper sticker I once saw while driving behind a car in the Hamilton Mall parking lot umteen years ago, that I immedietly took into deep consideration and consequensely texted to a friend with the thought that we both could ponder about it over some pot at her house later that day, “It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision” I won’t forget to remind you Helen was a blind woman, so it was immedietly ironic and funny, then serious. Now why I still remember this particular day is beyond me but I feel this is a better time than any (10pm on a random Friday night before a 9 hour work day, find time I tell myself) to exrapolate my opinion from it. Found time, that is an interesting idea to write on, I’ll save that for the next post. Back to being blind, or deaf, or absent of even one of our five (six?) senses and we are immediately at a disadvantage. Sense of touch, yes this one can be tricky, could it be the best of all, people pay to be touched, it’s basically my job to touch people (cosmetologist/hair cutter/head massager/foot rubber/therapy session psychologist) but most important, when it’s lost do we really even know it?, Absolutely! I’m not talking about desensitized nerve ending, I’m talking about feeling touched heard and loved. This can be just as debilitating as any other lost sense but not as clear to the naked eye. Circling back to the art of… so if art can be anything once we have the vision for it then… the art of “you” is being able to see a person’s beauty through all of the wreckage of ones imperfections or lost senses. It’s called being human, with our stupid human ways and our shitty human body that can basically be made up of paper and glass due to the fragle nature of a tiny chromosone and we wouldn’t even know the difference. Mastering the view I have of the world and my ever expanding perseption of people places and things is something I am working on, slowly. I have a firm belief that people are ment to work together, no one has ever been able to get where they are without help. That doesn’t just mean positive help either. So I guess what I’m trying to say is we have to put into practice everything there is to do and…see what happens, along the way don’t just see the world, have the vision to see it’s beauty…

…and watch where your going too, don’t like fall into a fountain or something.


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