Skipping Dinner

It’s a funny thing to skip a meal and not really miss it, the main meal of the day.

I’ve been skipping a lot lately, going to and from but missing the in between, it can happen but not for long. Soon this behavior will catch up with me. The meat and potatos of life can sometimes change to Chinese takeout if required, like when a movie doesn’t make sense and the package that was suppose to be picked up, by the courier, at such and such location just so happens to contain the right amount of anticdote to stop a fatal infection that occurs along the way. Life requires things of us, but this is not Hollywood. 

Eat sleep shelter sex according to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Humans can get by on these, the point A to point B’s. 

I’m turning my sights toward the top of the pyramid, and if I happen to skip dinner on the way, well fuck you Maslow.


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