When the sky showers.

Hazey dawn the sun begins to wake. The water streams down deafening the outside sounds.
With closed eyes my body dresses in the water. We are one as it falls, ponding up at my feet I immerse in the shower, my thoughts trapped under the watery veil that covers me.
The soft rain feels so gentle and calm that before long I begin to picture myself in another place, somewhere in heaven among all of the beautiful souls.
There, I meet with my grandfather whose ambiance is familiar. Our souls converse in a nonverbal manner, like when eyes meet in an extended gaze or when a smile says the words that the heart cannot. The interaction is brief but confirms that he is present, watching over as God would have him do and also that my soul knows his and is able to seek him in success.
White light enters the room, and all at once I am brought back to my physical body, the rain that has transcended me will soon cease as any good storm would.

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