Sense of Taste.

I love the taste of water while watching the movie Cast Away. They way coffee tastes when its cold outside, or hot, or in between, coffee tastes good no matter what it is like outside. Fountain Coke, roasted garlic, salt, whiskey. I love the taste of burnt popcorn and vanilla extract in waffles. Salty tears that roll down my cheek to the corners of my lips from a good cry. Whipped cream on warm pie with cold vanilla bean ice cream. My mom’s baked ziti with lots of regatta cheese. Your name on my lips, the sweet taste lingers.  Sweetness, Saltiness, Bitterness, Sourness and Savory, these are all things my taste buds can sense, yet I don’t need any of them to know that once I get a taste for you I won’t want anything else.


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