Sense of Smell.

I love the smell of a post office, when I walk into the room with the wall of deposit boxes, the smell of the postage and thousands of letters waiting to be read. I love all of the smells of an autumn day, the campfires that burn for miles in the dark and the leaves that fall from every tree. I love the smell of a cedar chest that hasn’t been opened since last year. The smell of the wood, if I close my eyes I can image it being cut by the saw; fresh from the tree. When I walk into a room I smell the scent of you on everything that you have touched, I love that smell too. The smell of Vo5 strawberries and cream shampoo, coffee beans, marijuana, hot popcorn, pizza baking. The smell of an old church that was built a hundred years ago. I love the smell of walking into the corner bakery, the yeast from the bread fills the entire room with hot air from the oven. Your skin, your hair, your sweat, I could die happy suffocated by that smell. Summer and Winter both have their own smell; cold brisk air, I can smell the first snow fall coming. In summer there are those hot days with the smell of the sun and lemonade held up to my lips, every night a barbecue, I love that smell. I can still smell the smell of the new born baby that I held last month, so new and fresh, I think I could smell heaven.


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