The Legend of Bodhidharma

“It is in this cave, Hui K’o met Bodhidharma. Hui K’o, the great general, (retired), was troubled in his search for the liberation. Many times he beseeched Bodhidharma to teach him and to pacify his mind. Always, Bodhidharma refused. To show his utter sincerity, Hui K’o stood in a snowstorm all night outside this cave. At dawn Bodhidharma supposedly said to him, “How can you hope for true realization, with little virtue, little wisdom, a shallow heart, and an arrogant mind?” Hui K’o heard this as a merciful admonition, causing him to weep and building his determination, to demonstrate which he cut off his left arm with a sword.
“What do you seek?”, asked Bodhidharma.
“Peace of mind”, replied Hui K’o.
“Show me this mind of yours”, said Bodhidharma, “and I will pacify it”.
“But when I seek my mind, I cannot find it”, was the reply.
“THERE!” , said Bodhidharma, “I have pacified your mind!””



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