Open your eyes and your mind. Everything in the world is art, from Van Gogh to a type o; Perfection and imperfection. Why put meaning to things they don’t understand, when overanalyzing is death by your own hand. What is beautiful in life are the moments that make time stand still. A wink, the first cry of a baby, a smile from afar, when a wondering eye catches a shooting star, it’s the tear that rolls down the cheek of a girl who finds her voice, and speaks. An explosion, a bomb, the things that make time stop and now what we take for granted could suddenly break like a rock.

The love we’ve felt, the lies we hear, tears we taste, and pain that heals, when senses mingle and intertwine, life becomes so divine. Be sincere in what you do, for one day life will be over you. And in the end will you wonder, did I miss the moments that sound like thunder? The feeling we get from a drag on the last cigarette. Intense Aww that ignites the movement of a heart beat to stop. Laughing, Crying; relief. Exhaustion that can only come from the lust of great passion. Without humility, would we know pride? Without love would we know what is inside? Love for humanity, love for art, love for a stranger that changed what was in our heart. Impressions upon the soul can never be erased, even when an experience tore a blank slate. From the carpet, to the chair, through all the thin air, somewhere on the ceiling you could find yourself there. It is all the shades of black and white that show us there is light after all. In a world full of darkness where things seem unsure, it is the beauty of a smile that will take a man very far.

Beauty is in a name, a place, even a small tiny grain, but you will not be able to see it unless the capacity to appreciate it is there. This capacity to capture beauty is found when your world is rocked. Nothing can be perfect if art is going to be seen.


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