It’s late, my thoughts race. Meatball, my cat, is sleeping next to me on the coach unaware of the sharp sound of me typing. The blank page is where I go to rest, it calms me down to find myself here. The world has me wrapped in its time. We are all constricted by its lies, made by man, it can be destroyed by man. Humans seek structure, we organize all of our things, our homes, our lives, our relationships. We try and see the beginning and end of our actions. It must make sense. When we aren’t sure of the “why” our minds will make it up out of fear of the unknown. I say, it’s ok to start something for no reason at all, to write without an audience, and to dare to escape the trappings of time and all of the man made things of the world. It is time to start looking in new directions. I need to look for new perspectives, learn from others and see for the first time what it is like to have no fear of the unknown.


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